My name is Tiana. I’m 22 and a 5th year at the University of Colorado – Boulder majoring in Environmental Studies as well as double minoring in Environmental Design & Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. I’m a self titled ‘half breed’ which is very much a large part of who I am. I’m half Native American, half white. I was raised in Pine Ridge, SD on the ‘rez’ and my culture is everything to me. This is my story of me, through the lens of being stuck in between two worlds – the one I feel, and the one I look like. I’ve always had so many stories and goals and it seems like I’m on a never-ending adventure in which I’ve been wanting to find a method of sharing for quite some time – so here I am.

This is where I plan to share stories of both past and future experiences as well as any lessons learned along the way that I feel is worth sharing to anyone who may come across this tiny page – no matter who you are. But there may be the occasional fitness, beauty, or health habit that I feel like sharing from my perspective. Just a bunch of Ti, in no particular order.

With love,


Contact: because I love talking, honestly..

Instagram: @txlanise

Facebook: facebook.com/tlwilson22

e-mail: tlwilson16@gmail.com

Or leave me something down below (:


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